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    My Core Control Technology

    Incorporates the highest quality, most advanced thermal electronic devices to externally generate heat and strategically position this thermal energy at the pulse points of the inner wrist, to circulate the temperature change in the blood throughout the body.


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Temperature changes that make you feel cold are as minimal as 2/10 of a degree. My Core Control Technology can increase your core body temperature by over 5 times that!
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My Core Control is designed for easy control. Tested by several occupational groups and Fortune 100 companies, our design provides an incredible ease of use.
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Our Products

My Core Control has a full line of easy to operate, durable, Personal Thermal Control Products that provide long durations of relief from climate extremes.
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About Us

My Core Control, Inc. is a Houston, Texas based company, established to bring "Personal Thermal Control Products" into existence and then to market these revolutionary products as a whole new category of merchandise. Personal Thermal Control Products are sold into a broad number of different, well developed existing markets, while providing consumers with a simple to use, photo electronic, chargeable device that will better manage the negative effects of climate extremes, exercise induced body heat or realize other benefits associated with raising or lowering human core body temperature.

When worn as a wrist band accessory, sewn into apparel or incorporated into industrial gear, "Personal Thermal Control Products" have the ability to raise human core temperature on demand with the simple push of a button.

While currently introducing our patented "Heated Personal Gear" to the market, we are also in the final stages of releasing next generation products including: Thermal Control Modules that regulate heat and cool, accessory wrist devices that are independent of outerwear, solar powered gear, bluetooth and WiFi capable technologies built directly into personal wear and MUCH MORE!